Do you have questions about buying property in Hua Hin or elsewhere in Thailand? Have a look at the links below:

This can sometimes be a bit daunting, but do not be discouraged. There are thousands of real estate websites for property related to Thailand. Some of the key points to look out for when searching for the right property in Hua Hin are:

  • Price point
  • Beds and baths
  • Specific features like views or with or without pool
  • Location
  • Property type
  • Off plan or resale only

Be as specific as you can. If you are looking for a property at 5 million Baht, best to do a filtered search for properties between 3 million Baht and 7 million Baht – there are always deals out there.

Make a clear distinction between “resale” or “off plan” is important if you are specifically only looking for an existing, ready to move in property versus one that you can reserve your preferred land plot and choose certain design aspects before construction.

For those of you who don’t want to spend hours online searching, try to make a bullet list of items that would tick all the boxes in a property you would like.

Type an email with all these points and be specific about price points and budgets + perhaps add a brief personal description of yourself and family and send an email to [email protected] so we can get back to you with a personalized list of recommendations. It’s our job to get to know you and predict what you would and would not like, so being as open and clear as possible helps us help you.

Whichever way you look at it, agents will always form an integral part of your search for the right property in places like Hua Hin for example, where it is truly the lifestyle choice where you need someone with local knowledge to point you in the right direction.

We at Stonehead Real Estate have that local knowledge and know-how to find the right property for you.

Communication is always key, and our agents at Stonehead Real Estate will communicate openly and clearly.

Any good agent will be able to find properties listed on any website and provide details of that property for you. Remember in Thailand, it’s an open market and sellers list with multiple agents so a property that is on one website is likely on another also. If it’s not, keep in mind that agents in Thailand work together when they need to, to find the right property or the buyer.

We get to know you better to advise you on the best location for you to be. This is something that is truly underestimated in this industry. We don’t just see our clients as numbers. We see them as people, and treat them with curiosity and respect. We ask the key questions in our qualification process in order to narrow down the list of properties that will suit your needs and requirements.

One of the most important things to consider when deciding to buy a property is the location.

Hua Hin is divided into the following areas, and we break down each area with a brief description so you can have a better overview of each area:

  • Bor Fai – this is on the northern part of town coming into Hua Hin just past the Palm Hills Golf Club and driving through Cha Am (Petchaburi). Bor Fai is a great area. There are numerous small to large housing developments as well as many private properties in this area. You have many local Thai and western restaurants, coffee shops and convenience stores in the area. There are two franchise stores of the extremely popular Baguette bakery and restaurant in this area. You also have Makro Food Services which is likely the most visited large-scale supermarkets for local expats and Thais in Hua Hin. The beaches in this area are quiet and not as visited as some beaches closer to town or further south, and there are some excellent 5-star hotels and other less expensive hotels in this area.
    Most properties in this area are between 3 million Baht to 8 million Baht, to well over 10 million Baht for larger homes, and properties consist of mostly private pool villas with 2 bedrooms or more that are either in a housing development or private properties. You can also find large private luxury villas for larger families in this area for those with higher budgets.
    Driving from Bor Fai to the city center only takes between 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Hua Hin City / Mueang Hua Hin – the Hua Hin city area is the place to be for local shopping, an amazing range of local food attractions, coffee shops and food stalls. Chatchai Market is the oldest fresh food market in Hua Hin, and worth the visit. Contact Feast Thailand to organize a foodie tour so you can truly get immersed into the culture of Hua Hin through its food in the inner city area. There are not many properties available for sale or rent in this area, as it is mostly commercial with a bunch of boutique resorts, hotels, shops and of course the Bintabaht bar area and Hua Hin Walking Street.
  • Hin Lek Fai – this is one of the more popular areas for expats and Thais to settle down. It starts a few kilometres west of town driving up Soi 70 (the Pala U road) and branches out for many kilometres going further west of town. The majority of the land available in Hin Lek Fai is Chanot land title deed, which is the highest and best land title deed in Thailand that most Thais strictly adhere to. There are a bunch of local hangouts, western restaurants with good Thai food, bakeries and delis like Pane and Focaccia (one of our favourites) and of course convenience stores and fresh food markets.
    Most properties in Hin Lek Fai consist of 3-bedroom pool villas either in a housing development or private properties. Prices range from about 3.5 million Baht to 9 million Baht for most properties in our outside of private developments.
    Driving from most areas of Hin Lek Fai takes anywhere between 7 to 18 minutes.
  • Thap Tai – this is one of the largest areas with a remarkably high density of housing developments other than Hin Lek Fai which is its northern border neighbour. Most land title deeds in this area consists of Nor Sor Sam Gor land title deeds, which is just one rung below Chanot and offers incredibly similar ownership types compared to Chanot where Thais can apply for bank approved mortgages. Thap Tai is easily reached driving straight up Soi 88 going about 5km and further west and south of town. The Hua Hin government built a large outdoor exercise and public park with outdoor running track and exercise area which is open to everyone.
    Most properties in this area consist of 2 to 3-bedroom pool and non-pool villas, with prices ranging anywhere from 3.5 million Baht to 9 million Baht.
    Driving from most parts of Thap Tai to town takes anywhere between 10 to 20 minutes.
  • Nong Kae – this is one of the closest areas to Hua Hin city center compared to all other sub districts and is therefore attractive to those who like walking or cycling instead of driving or getting a Grab taxi. One of the most populous areas in Nong Kae is Soi 102, where the land prices have increased significantly and incrementally every single year due to its proximity to the city. This means that even just one Rai of land (1600 square metres) can cost anywhere from 4 to 5 million Baht for the land only. Other properties in Nong Kae can be found along Soi 112 to Soi 114 on the side that is closest to Petchkasem road, which is an area with increasing potential as it is closely surrounded by multiple top class facilities such as; True Arena – one of the best sports facilities in Hua Hin, Vana Nava Water Park and Holiday Inn Hotel, which boasts a 27th floor rooftop see-through viewpoint, Huana Fresh Market and of course the proximity to Khao Takiap is another beneficial point of living in this area. Not to mention that it takes less than 5 minutes to travel to Bluport Hua Hin International Shopping Mall.
  • Khao Takiap – Khao Takiap is undeniably one of the most popular holiday destinations in Hua Hin. Khao Takiap also means “chopstick mountain”, which is a story for another time. Khao Takiap is popular specifically, for Thais from Bangkok who travel down for the weekend, but also for many foreign tourists who travel to Hua Hin often. In Khao Takiap you are right on the beach so there are many condos and hotels to choose from, but very few houses to speak of. Khao Takiap is an excitingly eclectic area to base yourself in. Get a condo in one of the hundreds of buildings either new or old with an ocean view if you’re lucky. Walk to the shops to buy supplies. Walk to the beach for your morning or evening exercise. Have dinner just up or down the road from you and take a lazy stroll back home. Khao Takiap encapsulates a lot of the atmosphere of what Hua Hin is.
    Visit some of the best night markets in Thailand (in my humble opinion) like Cicada Market for all the handmade arts and crafts, retro clothes, Thai antiques and gifts and trinkets. Watch the live band in the amphitheater in the back. Grab some delicious dinner in the open area food court with loads of food stalls to choose from, or walk next door to Tamarind Market which has some excellent food choices, both Western and Thai. There’s also a bunch of pretty good live bands that play sets to keep you company while you eat, plus they have one of the best BBQ spareribs and mashed potato food trucks in town.
    Properties in Khao Takiap consist of condos only. There are a handful of houses, but for a beach front private house in Hua Hin you’re looking at well over 100 million Thai Baht which is well beyond most people’s means.
    Condo prices start at as low as 2 million Baht for a studio condo between 25 sqm to 30 sqm and go up to around 10 to 15 million Baht for a 2 or three bedroom condo between 90 to around 150 sqm, however there are some high end luxury condos available for well above 20 million Baht depending on the view, facilities, size etc.
  • Khao Tao – Khao Tao means “turtle mountain” which is the namesake of the area when you’re on the beach and you can see the two small, turtle shaped islands just off the coast of Hua Hin.
    There are a number of excellent homes available in Khao Tao. Mostly you’re looking at older properties that were built between about 5 to 15 years ago or more, and somewhere in between. Some of my clients have described Khao Tao as “Hua Hin from 20 years ago”, which is not too far from the truth. The main landmark and attraction in Khao Tao is the beautiful Khao Tao Lake which has a walking and exercise path built all around the lake where many locals and expats take a stroll or jog in the mornings or afternoons. In the center of the lake is a stunning shrine built in remembrance of King Bhumibol Adulyadej that shines brightly at night. Khao Tao Lakeis also the most popular place for Thais to celebrate Loy Kratong and attracts thousands of locals, Thai and Western tourists.
    Properties in Khao Tao include a good amount of beach front condominium developments ranging from around 4 – 5 million Baht for a one bedroom condo up to anywhere over 20 million Baht for much larger, luxury ocean view units. There are also a large amount of housing developments in Khao Tao that we would recommend as they are perfect for long term residents and offer different levels of privacy, space and facilities. Prices for houses in Khao Tao range from around 8 – 10 million Baht to between 10 to 20 million Baht for larger properties, however if you are looking for a luxury, high end private pool villa – we can find the right fit for you.

There are more areas north and south of the areas mentioned above that differ in many aspects. If you have any questions about these areas and you prefer to be further away from the big city and you dream of having a secluded home in mountainy paradise – give us a call to go through all the important points about what it is you are looking for and trust us to find your dream property in paradise.

Transfer fee

The transfer fee is not a tax but a government fee (like stamp duty) on the sale and transfer of ownership of real property and collected by the local land office upon transfer of ownership. The fee is imposed at the rate of 2% over the appraised value of the property. The appraised value or government assessed value is not the sale price but an assessed value of the real property based on a calculation method by the Land Department and the Treasury Department and is used by the land office to determine the amount of tax that must be paid. The registered sale value is the actual registered sale price between the parties. The appraised value used by the land office value is often pretty much lower than the actual sale price.

Specific Business Tax

This transfer tax is generally charged if the seller is a company (specific exemptions applied) or if the seller is a natural person and sells the property within five years of the purchase registration date. Specific business tax is an assessment tax on the transfer of real property calculated over the registered sale value or the government appraised value of the real property, whichever is higher. This tax is imposed at a rate of 3% plus a municipal tax of 10% assessed on the amount of the specific business tax bringing the total tax rate to 3.3%.

The transfer of real property would not be subject to the specific business tax if the seller is an individual and meets the following conditions:

  • The seller has possessed the property more than five years before the transfer and used it as his residential home (it was the seller’s domicile starting not later than one year from the date of purchase).
  • The seller transfers the real property to the legal heir or an heir by a will.
  • The seller transfers the real property to a legitimate child, but not including an adopted child.
  • The seller transfers the real property without consideration to government agencies.
  • The seller transfers the real property without consideration to temples, churches or mosques. The exemption is limited to the transferred portion which does not make the total area of the estate acquired by temples, churches or mosques exceed than 80,000 square meters.
  • The transferred real property has been used as the principal place of residence, and the seller’s name appeared in the house register for not less than one year from the date of acquiring such property.
  • The property transferred was acquired through inheritance, etc.

Specific business tax is an assessment tax, check the relevant section in the Thailand Revenue Code

Stamp Duty

Stamp duty is charged at a rate of 0.5% over the registered or appraised value, whichever is higher. The obligation of payment of stamp duty depends if the seller is also subject to specific business tax or not. When specific business tax is applicable the seller is exempt from the payment of the stamp duty, however, if stamp duty in this case has been paid the seller has the right to claim for the refund of stamp duty in full within 6 months after the payment.

Income Withholding Tax

Personal Income Withholding Tax

When you are a foreigner (e.g. selling your apartment) you must make a tax withholding payment to the local land office. The payment must be made at the time of transfer of ownership but before the transfer is recorded on the deed. Income withholding tax for natural persons is calculated at a progressive rate based on the appraised value of the property with a deduction depending on the number of years of possession (exemptions are applied in certain specific situations but usually do not apply to foreigners). When you sell your condo apartment the land office will issue a tax receipt that you will need to transfer the proceeds of the sale out of Thailand.

Corporate Income Withholding tax

If the seller is a company then withholding tax is fixed at 1 % over the registered or sale price or government assessed value of the property (whichever is higher).

Sample tax calculation

Simple sample tax calculation (what to pay at the land office) of the total cost applicable for the transfer of a condominium unit with a 5 million baht value and 3 year ownership by a private owner:

  • Transfer fee of 2% over 5,000,000 THB 100,000 THB
  • Specific Business Tax 3.3% 165,000 THB
  • Income Withholding Tax approx 100,000 THB
  • Other application small fees and others approx. 300 THB
  • Total amount to be paid to the land office at the time of transfer of ownership (approx): 365,300 THB

Who pays the tax and transfer fees

In a normal sale of real property in Thailand there is no standard fixed rule for who pays the transfer fee, stamp duty, specific business tax or even personal withholding income tax associated with the transfer of ownership. This is usually a subject the seller and the buyer must agree upon in the sale and purchase agreement. The recommended schedule in Hua Hin is:

  • Transfer fee: shared by the seller and the buyer
  • Specific business tax: shared by the seller and the buyer
  • Stamp duty: shared by the seller and the buyer
  • Withholding tax: shared by the seller and the buyer

Also, any and all other fees incurred as a result of a property transfer of ownership are to be shared equally between the buyer and the seller.

Only in a new build government licensed housing or condominium development the law specifies that only up to half of the 2% transfer fee may be transferred to the buyer by the developer. All other transfer costs are by law the responsibility of the developer.

Other taxes: when owning a real property in Thailand there are no general property taxes (reforms have been proposed in 2010). Real properties put to commercial use (residential houses not ‘owner occupied’ and commercial buildings) must under the Building and Land Tax Act pay a ‘rental’ tax at a rate of 12,5 % of the annual rental value. For undeveloped land there is a very small annual local land development tax depending in the size and use of the land – (building and land tax).

Own more than 5 years:

  • Transfer fee 2%
  • Duty stamp 0.5%
  • Income tax ~ 1.5%

Own less than 5 years:

  • Transfer fee 2%
  • Business tax 3.3%
  • Income tax ~ 1.5%

Company Tax and transfer fees:

  • Transfer fee 2%
  • Business tax 3.3%
  • Income tax 1%